Allwear, previously Veka, was established in 1939, at the beginning of the Second World War and its full name was Die Volks Hemde en Klerefabriek Beperk. The sole purpose was to provide job opportunities for ladies streaming in from rural areas seeking work in Johannesburg. Albert Wessels assumed the management of the company in 1942 and under his leadership the company prospered.

The factory in Fordsburg was occupied in 1947 and three years later a second factory was erected in Standerton. From there the factory relocated to Charlestown and Veka became the first company to put up a factory in Newcastle under the decentralisation policy of the then government. In 1972 the second factory was built on the same premises, totalling the total square meters under roof to 21 000. Another 5 000 square meters were added in 2018. Allwear still operates from this premises, more than 50 years later, with its core products being quality schoolwear produced under the Allwear, Allwear Active and Prefect brands as well as menswear with the Giovanni Nero, Black Rose and Drimac brands.

The Jordaan Family Trust acquired Veka in 1996 and changed the name to Allwear as it is still known today. Jorrie Jordaan can truly be seen as the Master of Schoolwear in South Africa with the company he has built with the values, systems, technology, equipment and more important, the culture he established and continued to improve up till today. The modern equipment, up to date technology and a highly competent workforce enables Allwear to produce the high-quality garments which we are well known for. In a labour-intensive industry such as Clothing and Textiles, people are the most important element. This is also the case at Allwear, where we employ close to 1 400 people in our peak period.

Allwear is still the undoubted leader in the market for high quality school wear. Our marketing network stretches across South Africa, Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana, Eswatini and Mozambique, where we service more than 1 300 customers\clients. All our products are fully produced in our factory from local and imported fabrics and yarns. No finished goods are imported and resold. Our experienced team of marketers support all these clients with excellent service as well as advice and suggestions. After more than 80 years of existence, our core policy remains quality. Quality fabrics, trims, equipment, people and systems enables us to produce quality products and deliver quality service.

Our Products

Allwear is a proudly South African, Local is Lekker business that sells start to end manufactured products from local and imported materials. Please note that we do not import any completed garments for reselling, we are a true manufacturer. Allwear produces the following products on our various production lines:

Our Facility 

The 26 000 square meter facility is located at 55 Albert Wessels Drive, Riverside Industrial, Newcastle, KwaZulu Natal.

Our System

Our business believes in the edge that front-edge technology provides. It needs to be coupled with good discipline and procedures to ensure optimal performance in the manufacturing environment. The backbone of our system is a unique ERP system, specifically designed for textile manufacturing.

Contact us

Allwear unfortunately do not sell to the public. Please visit your preferred clothing store.