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Allwear prides itself on being the leading manufacturer of quality schoolwear in South Africa.  In the past our schoolwear was also exported to Europe.

Our schoolwear range includes blazers, trousers, shorts, slacks, shirts, blouses, tunics, dresses, track suits, jerseys, golf shirts and windbreakers.  As there is a trend towards a unique identity for each school, many garments are badged or screenprinted with the schools heraldry.  We cater for schoolchildren from six years old to eighteen years old.

Quality and colour continuity are never compromised in our schoolwear.  We operate a well equipped quality laboratory at our factory premises and inspect fabrics from our local and overseas suppliers.

We believe that a unique school uniform creates pride in the school and a sense of identity.  Children do not need to compete with their peers in aspiring to designer label apparel and can concentrate on their education.

Quality schoolwear from Allwear is a cost effective clothing solution to parents and in some cases three generations have worn our familiar labels.



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